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Dear Mrs. Piegazki, dear Mr. Piegazki,

on this page I put together suggestions and visualizations for you. Please note that this is still work in progress and the site and suggestions are subject to change.

As a rule, I only send this link to my customers after the page with my suggestions is completely finished. However, in your case, the task is a bit more complex due to the textured wallpaper and the possibility of possibly hanging several pictures. In addition, I cannot be in Berlin for the next few days for family reasons and have to stop working. That\'s why it was important to me to let you participate in my previous considerations.

Depending on the motif, it makes sense to frame the pictures, as we get a clear separation from the structure of the wallpaper. My suggestion would be a special version in the shadow gap frame. In your case, natural oak would be ideal, but black and white oak would also be possible.

floating frame

With this very elegant framing, the acrylic glass aluminum dibond picture is laminated with a small gap in the frame. As a result, the work seems to float in the frame:



I\'ve visualized various frames and motifs here to get an idea of how they would look on your walls. Combinations are of course also possible.





If you are interested, further down the page you can click on the suggested motifs and find out more about possible sizes, Designs and prices. This is for your guidance only. Basically, a centimeter-accurate production to the desired size is possible. The prices for the special version in the shadow gap frame are not stored in the system and roughly correspond to the prices for the Design with anti-reflective acrylic glass. If you are interested, I will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Please note that the visualizations can only represent approximate approximations of the real proportions and lighting conditions and that further suggestions will be added at this point by the end of the month.

Best regards

Alexander Palm


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