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Hilfe! Wie hänge ich mein Bild richtig auf?

Help! How do I hang my picture correctly?

Due to the high quality workmanship and quality of my acrylic glass aluminum Dibond murals you will receive your works already with the optimum wall bracket pre-assembled. This ensures that your photo installed in the simplest and most uncomplicated way can be.
Depending on the format, you will receive either metal mounts or a Aluminum profile rail system.The picture is hung directly on the wall with two nails or screws (depending on the picture size). eyelets or others Fastening aids are not required. These mounts create a noble, floating look, which allows the picture to hover about a centimeter in front of the wall and makes framing superfluous.
On the A rail system is attached to the back of the larger images, which has holders for screws to attach the work to the wall. Thanks to the continuous rail, it can be moved to the left or right at any time - there is no need to measure distances with millimeter precision!
the framed pictures offer the possibility of suspension on the frame. Even two nails or screws are enough here (depending on the picture size) to hang the picture directly on the wall.

On-site assembly at a fixed price in Berlin

Within Berlin I offer one professional installation service at a fixed price. I will arrange an appointment with you and coordinate everything that is necessary for oneperfect wall mountingthat a specialized craftsman carries out at your site. Please contact me directly if you would like to use this service.

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