About DoP Alexander Palm, BVK


Alexander Palm acquired worldwide filming experience and is local in Berlin, Germany.

Alexander Palm fell in love with Cinema at an early age, becoming a binge movie watcher. His use of light, shadow, camera movement and lens choices are stimulated by his passion for story and reveal his ability to interpret the written word into captivating visual images, always adding from the visual point of view and following up-to-date visual languages. Alexander has always been excited about creating images and the boundless possibilities new technology has to offer. He is fanatically involved in his work and extended his working knowledge to filming in stereoscopic 3D, super slow motion, 360° and multi camera setups.  Alexander Palm is a member of the German Society of Cinematographers (BVK) and has over a decade experience shooting stereoscopic 3D. 

Since the early 2000s, Alexander Palm has been working also as a fine art and commercial photographer. Besides his work behind the film camera, which he pursues with great enthusiasm, Alexander has never lost his passion for the still image and the art of photography. Until 2022, he was the owner of the fine art photo gallery Alexander-Palm.Gallery in Berlin-Mitte, where he gave his fine art photos a venue and made them accessible to a wider audience.



Multi disciplinary background

Feature Films / Television Drams
Commercials / Corporate Films
Music Promos
Aerial DoP
Still Photography


Download Filmography (@ Crew-United)

Creating Images, from Still to Motion

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