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Copy of Alexander Palm, BVK


Alexander Palm - Director of Photography

 Director of Photography - Featured Work

 Commercial / Promo

Drink for Gold - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg 
Riesenbrötchen - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Finde den goldenen Toast - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg 
Masked Ball - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Golden Toast - Kräuterbutter- Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Blind Date - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Lieken - Vollmundig - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Solid - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Cat´s Best - Director Christoph Schmitz
Fint the Moo - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Drink for Gold - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg 
Halloween - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
Nachtbus - Director Peter Spans  - Wunderfilm Hamburg
DAS WUNDER VON BERN - Musicpromo: Rock 'n' Roll Rebel/Ich will doch nur leben - Director Peter Pippig 
Trailer von ROCKY - DAS MUSICAL - Director Peter Pippig

DAS WUNDER VON BERN - Musicpromo: Wunder gescheh'n - Das Musikvideo - Director Peter Pippig


Corporate Film

Schindler - Director Markus Aha
Digital Concert Hall - Thilo Krause
Jochen Schweizer - Director Christoph Schmitz

Auto XTS - Director Markus Aha

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Alexander Palm BVK

dippy bird management 

+49 179 698 2286

Anne Oldenburg

+49 617 1978 1850

+49 173  30 33 603

Alexander is available to hire as a DP in Germany or anywhere else in the world. Alexander Palm - Director of Photography

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